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Mi Home's One Square · Mi Home Electric Screwdriver

Today, I will introduce to you the home maintenance tool, the Mijia electric screwdriver, which can be prepared for daily use, temporary repairs, furniture installation, and disassembly of small appliances to meet daily needs. ✅ Strong magnetic motor with super large torque of 5N.m: This powerful torque allows the product to perform well in tasks such as installing lamps, large furniture, appliances, and ski rack fixings. Its lightweight and portable nature allows for easy installation even in scenarios requiring continuous force, significantly reducing work intensity. ✅ Cordless and portable, long-lasting 2000mAh battery: With a large capacity 2000mAh battery and Type-C charging, it ensures cordless portability while providing strong battery life. It can screw approximately 180 screws on a full charge. Additionally, its split battery shell design uses flame-retardant materials. ✅ Professional integrated design: The product's integrated screwless design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reliable and durable. Made of high-quality engineering plastics, combined with innovative integrated structure and fine craftsmanship, it provides a comfortable grip. The double-layer paint treatment offers a warm texture, easy cleaning, and good corrosion resistance. ✅ 12 pieces of high-quality S2 steel batch heads with additional extension rod: These high-quality S2 alloy steel batch heads, combined with a 60mm extension rod, allow the product to be used in narrow or poorly visible spaces. This design meets the needs of most household usage scenarios. ✅ Circular LED light for clear illumination: The product features a circular light strip formed by 3 LED lights, which is particularly useful in dim environments. When the power button is pressed, the LED lights automatically illuminate, providing clear lighting and greatly facilitating use in low-light or nighttime environments.
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